Anxiety And Depression : Symptoms And Treatments

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Anxiety & Depression
Decrecia Nevels
Morgan Mann
Kristian Haynes
Concorde Career College

This paper explores anxiety and depression at length including a discussion on their similarities and differences. Other areas that will be examined in this research paper include describing just what anxiety is and how this mental disorder presents, different types of anxiety disorders and their symptoms and what treatment interventions are offered that help cope with this disorder. Depression is also explored as well as its prevalence, signs and symptoms of this mental health diagnosis and different ways depression is treated. Other factors included in this research paper will also explore how both anxiety and depression can affect one’s occupational performance.

Anxiety & Depression
A fine line, though often times blurred, exist between anxiety and depression. They do share some similarities as well as difference between the two which can sometimes lead to false diagnoses in patients. It only gets more complicated when both illnesses are present. For example, The National Institute of Mental Health did a study of anxiety disorders and found that 53.7% of people reported they also experienced major depression as a secondary condition. These researchers also stated that people who are severely depressed do become anxious. In order to have a better understanding of anxiety and depression one must first distinctly outline what two conditions are,…
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