Anxiety And Its Affect On Academic Achievement

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Anxiety and Its Affect on Academic Achievement
Roger Morales
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Anxiety is a common occurrence today especcially among students in a college or university. Even though there has been some studies into anxiety and how it affects a person 's academic achievement there needs to be more done in order to know better the relationship between them. Self questionnaires will be handed out to all participants who agreed to participate and their academic progress will be monitored during the course of the study in order to determine what kind of relationship there is between anxiety and academic achievement.
Anxiety and Its Affect on Academic Achievement
In society today anxiety is a fairly common occurrence. Almost everyone has anxiety in one form or another. For a lot of people anxiety is often viewed as something negative impacting their lives. Anxiety for a lot of people can make an experience a negative one. Anxiety can have negative impacts on a person 's life and that means it can also have a negative effect in the classroom. Anxiety is often part of the learning process. Usually there is not much thought into how social anxiety plays a role in the learning process. Social anxiety can discourage students to engage in and prevent them from learning. What effects anxiety has on academic achievement are not always readily apparent but they can have a negative influence on academic performance. It is important to know the…
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