Anxiety And Its Affects : Christina Griffey

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Anxiety and Its Affects
Christina Griffey
Palm Beach State College

One of the first things we notice when we meet a person is their outer appearance. More than ever, in today’s society, we put emphasis on what we look like. We are constantly being bombarded by commercials and magazine ads about what makeup to use, what stores to shop at, what the latest health beverage is just to name a few. On social media, there are pages dedicated to fitness and what men and women are supposed to look like after months of working out, fitness inspiration, and at home workouts. Although it is extremely important to feel good about your outer appearance and be physically healthy, mental health is just as important. It is a topic that is
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If we are not doing well in how we think, it will eventually affect many, if not all, aspects of our lives. Having a mental disorder or illness has a domino effect. For example, if a person goes through an event that makes them have low self-esteem, they will believe they are not good enough. If not dealt with, this could affect the work and school performance, which can affect grades and finances, which can turn into worry, which can turn into health problems. Everything is linked to our minds and it is important to make sure we are aware of how we handle situations so we do not negatively affect ourselves.
Anxiety is defined as the body’s natural response to danger, an automatic alarm that goes off when you feel threatened, under pressure, or are facing a stressful situation. A little bit of anxiety can actually help a person stay attentive and on track. If we did not feel a certain level of pressure at a job or school, then perhaps we wouldn’t care about it as much. We might slack or leave a few loose ends that may cause us to fall behind. A little bit is actually beneficial, but unfortunately there are people who have to deal with anxiety as part of a mental illness or disorder. There are different types of anxiety which include: general anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and social phobia.
General anxiety disorder is an excessive state of worry that
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