Anxiety And Objects-Personal Narrative

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Objects have a powerful influence in our lives. Upon looking around at all my possessions, one pair of antique Everlasting leather boxing gloves, sewn with black thread, with half a glove torn off, brought back a memory in which changed the way people viewed me. As I sat in the locker room, anxiety came upon me, which caused my body to quake uncontrollably. My head become vertiginous, and my palms clammed up from the nervousness. The smell of sweat and fear overwhelmed the room as thoughts of death ran through my mind. The ticking of a clock on the right corner near the exit of the chamber, became dominant as the time decreased. I couldn’t take it anymore; I had lost my mind. I shrunk at the implications of where my thoughts were taking me. I put my head down as I mumbled loudly, “En el Nombre del Padre del Hijo del Espirito Santo, Amen.”. The door swung open. I picked up my head, with a rapid head movement, it was Octavia. A crutch at both arms and her left leg wrapped with support wrap. “Praying huh? It’ll be fine”, she said with confidence. As I settled my head back down again. She firmly placed her hand upon my back as she said, " Thank you for replacing me in this match while I'm going through…show more content…
It was 7 o’clock. My opponent and I were standing at each end of the area, willing to enter at the call of our names." Coming out at my left, weighing in at 125.5lbs, about five feet ten inches, Julia Garcia!', introduced the announcer, as my opponent shuffled her way through the cheering crowd. I began to open the door apprehensively. Just as the announcer said, "and coming out on my right, weighing in at 125lbs, four feet ten inches, Karina Guevara!". All eyes were on me as I entered the room. My legs weakened each and every step I took. I heard an audience member who said, "Ha! Let's just declare the tall one the winner already." I didn’t let that senseless comment get into my
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