Anxiety And Other Mood Disorders

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Charles Frankel said, “Anxiety is the essential condition of intellectual and artistic creation and everything that is finest in human history”. There is some evidence to support this idea that anxiety and other mood disorders are essential to many forms of art. In this article I will examine how mood disorders influence art, as well as give multiple examples of how mood disorders are portrayed in the following art forms: paintings, literature, and music. Before we can broach the topic of art and mood disorders we need to have a good basis of what mood disorders are. Mood disorders are defined as “a perpetual and significant disturbance in a person’s emotional state or mood” (Lane, 2013). There are two main types of mood disorders: depressive disorders and bipolar disorders. Depressive disorders are characterized by frequent and persistent depressive states. Bipolar disorders, on the other hand, are characterized by fluctuations between both depressive and manic episodes, or lows and highs. I am also going to include generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) in our mood disorder category because there are “lifetime diagnoses of anxiety and depression that show extensive comorbidity”, or in more simple terms, there is a high chance that someone who has anxiety will also have depression and vice versa (Mineka, 1998, p.382).
Now that we know what mood disorders are we can look at their relationship with art and creativity. There have been past studies done that have shown that…
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