Anxiety And Pain-Personal Narrative

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The clock struck 3am; I jolted out of bed. Normally, I would be fast asleep dreaming about what I was going to awake to cooking on the stove, but this night was different. An immense pain struck me, so strong I couldn't bear to lie back down. The look of confusion and terror on my face must have been one to please even the likes of Stephen King himself. I immediately rushed to my parents room; no matter what age I seem to reach, mother always knows best. I abruptly shook my mom awake, explaining the situation in-between sharp breathes of pain and anxiety. With her being a nurse, she immediately began to make calls; pacing back and fourth in the background, I awaited my fate. “Get in the car now.” she spoke with words so calm on the surface, yet I could see the concern behind her eyes. Nursing had taught her to conceal concern and panic, but not good enough to conceal it when dealing with her own daughter. I jumped in the car with hopes it would lead me to the end of whatever this awful pain could be.…show more content…
Sitting in that cold chair with the scent of disinfectant and latex gloves wafting around, I wished to be back in my bed dreaming again of eggs and bacon. Just as I was about to settle and accept my fate, it hit me, pain I had never imagined possible. I rushed to the bathroom and immediately began to vomit from the intensity of pain I felt in my lower abdomen. The waiting room attendant immediately brought me back to a room. As I laid in the hospital bed, I felt a calm wave come over me, as I thought this meant my pain was about to be extinguished; I thought too
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