Anxiety And Romanticism

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Romanticism of Anxiety in Youth
Imagine yourself in a crowded physics classroom, amongst 30 other students. Someone begins developing an equation on the board. Your eyes dart to the board, immediately scanning the space in desperate pursuit of anything comprehensible. Your vision becomes blurred and your ears amplify each individual sound. Very abruptly, you become aware of the room’s alarming confinement. You feel your focus diminishing rapidly but you fumble with your pencil, attempting to decode something. Anything. Unidentifiable voices are beginning to ring in your ears and a heavy weight is forming in the pit of your stomach. Your heart is slamming into your chest with such agonising force and intensity that every bone in your body buckles.
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Our generation is growing so self- destructive that we are beginning to take serious illnesses, and manipulate the symptoms to simply gain attention. Already, 80 percent of teenage sufferers fail to receive help with their anxiety because they believe that their illness is not worthy of support. If we allow the romanticism of anxiety to continue to increase at such a rapid rate, we are at risk of overlooking the true victims of anxiety. Simply subjecting someone suffering from mental illness to an inaccurate representation of anxiety can cause them to lapse into a panic attack. This could lead to the belief that because their own distress does not comply with society’s expectations of anxiety, they should not seek help. The moment that anxiety is expected to be endearing, is the very moment that all faith in humanity will vanish. How can we provide the correct support for victims of anxiety, when we fail to perceive mental illness as an issue? If the constant embellishing of symptoms does not cease immediately, the effects on society will be…show more content…
Often, what someone believes is motivational and inspirational is actually incredibly debilitating. When you grow up brainwashed into believing you are destined for success and that you will achieve greatness, it does not ever occur to you that you are not invincible. Maybe you were encouraged to strive for academic success because everyone said you were capable. Maybe you’re not so sure anymore. Maybe you have forgotten that failure is inevitable and necessary. We have taught ourselves that if we aren’t invincible, we must have a glamorous excuse. Predominantly, females have begun self-diagnosing themselves with mental illnesses as a way out, consequently fabricating the suffering that anxiety holds the power to inflict. However, in adopting anxiety as a “get out of jail free card”, we are forcibly removing humanity from the situation. It is not glamorous to come out of an anxiety attack with a body entirely numb from exhaustion and fear so immense that the nausea lingers all week. As we continue to ignore the reality of anxiety, our society edges dangerously close to forgetting to support the people who really need help, and drowning in the romanticism and prejudicial perspectives on mental
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