Anxiety And Symptoms Of Anxiety

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Anxiety is a common fundamental emotion shared by most species in some way. It is a normal reaction or response to certain situations that may be alarming and cause distress. When confronted in stressful, dangerous, or new situations, certain physical symptoms such as heart beating faster, the feeling of tension, dizziness, shortness of breaths, and poor sleeping habits start to arise. In this case study, twenty-two year old Delores still lives at home with her mother and father because she is facing many fears and exhibiting signs of anxiety. These fears and symptoms of anxiety are affecting her daily life styles causing her not to reach her full potential in certain areas. Delores is displaying many fears and symptoms of anxiety in her young life. Her first fear, the fear of being in enclosed spaces, began at age ten when she was locked in a closet by her brother and not let out right away. The fear of being in enclosed places continued and even got worst when she attended college for four years living in a small dorm room. Now, Delores feels trapped when she is in different places like the car wash, dentist office for a visit, rising on roller coaster, or being in a enclosed elevator. Delores also fears being in circumstances where her head and neck are partly or completely covered. These are times when she is trying to wear a helmet on a motorcycle with her boyfriend, or even when she has to wear a face shield for her professional work in the laboratory. Because of

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