Anxiety Depression : Symptoms And Symptoms

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Depression usually exists in a person when he/she gets stressed out of his/her work. This happens due to the brain activity stoppage while working and a need for a complete relaxation of the brain for some time arises. Anxiety Depression is found in a person who has all sorts of irregularities and erratic behavior due to over stress of his work. If one is suffering from anxiety depression, he needs to go and meet the psychiatrist as soon as he can, otherwise he would be the one to suffer the most. Anxiety depression exists in various forms like: 1 - Postpartum depression - Explained by a prolonged sorrow and a sentiment of emptiness by a new mother. The causes include bodily stress during child birth and an unsure sense of liability towards the new born child. These are just some of the possible factors why some new mothers go through this. 2 - Dysthimia - Another form of anxiety depression, although this time, it 's been proven to be a lot less relentless, but of course in any case, should be treated right away. 3 - Manic or Bipolar depression -Explained by abrupt changes in one 's mood where in one minute he or she is in an elevated state of joy while the next minute (day or week) he or she is in a mood to be in a private hell. 4 - Cyclothymia - Explained by a slight resemblance with Agitated or Bipolar depression wherein the individual is in soreness from this mental infirmity and may occasionally experience severe changes in the moods. 5 - Seasonal Affective…
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