Anxiety Disorder

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The mental illness I chose to write about is one that my mom suffers from which would be panic disorder. A panic disorder is a form of an anxiety disorder. The history of anxiety disorders dates back before medical records were recorded. In the sixteenth century, anxiety was known as hysteria. Professional had different opinions on the cause of this disorder, for example, witchcraft, had to do with the uterus until men were found to have the same condition, the person is a hypochondriac, and demons were entering the body. In the eighteenth century panic disorder was known as the “nervous illness." Today we know that panic attacks are a sudden urge of overwhelming fear and anxiety. There are many myths that surround panic attacks…show more content…
This is so other medical conditions or disorders can be ruled out like substance abuse as it can mimic panic attacks. Once a person is diagnosed the doctor will probably order an anti-depressant medication and or sedative. The doctor will most likely recommend that you eat healthier and at the same time every day along with getting plenty of exercise. He will also recommend that one stays away from street drugs, alcohol, caffeine, and get a fair amount of sleep. Along with this advice, the doctor will also recommend that you seek professional help like a psychiatrist. As mentioned before Aaron Beck is the founder of CBT and this practice is still used today but is known as talk therapy. Even though there are many types of talk therapy, cognitive behavior therapy and interpersonal therapy are the ones that work the best for treating depression and anxiety disorders as the two therapies work hand in hand. The cognitive behavior therapy focuses on changing one’s negative thought patterns into positive thought patterns, interpersonal therapy focuses on how you relate to other people, it will assist one in making personal relationships positive. A self-support group can also be effective for one that suffers from anxiety disorders. Family can also be of help as the person who suffers from anxiety disorders need all the support they can get. Keeping one’s self in a positive and low stress environment can
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