Anxiety Disorder : Symptoms And Symptoms

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Anxiety is a feeling we can all relate too, some worse than others. Believe it or not, anxiety can be a normal feeling. The emotion you get before an exam, new job interview, or going on the first date, that is anxiety. There are differences in normal anxiety and pathological (abnormal) anxiety. Normal anxiety should last for a short amount of time and cause some discomfort. Now if the anxiety starts to become prolonged and causes the person to become incapacitate, that is when it becomes pathological anxiety. One of the serious disorders that come from anxiety is called Panic Disorder (Anxiety disorders in Adults). The most common demonstration of panic disorder is a sudden feeling of fear or discomfort without a recognizable trigger, along with at least four of the following symptoms: dyspnea; dizziness or faintness; palpitations; trembling or shaking; sweating; choking; nausea or abdominal distress; depersonalization; numbness; flushes or chills; chest pain or discomfort; fear of dying; and fear of doing something uncontrolled or going crazy (The western journal of medicine). For those who go through life with a panic disorder can understand exactly how much of an impact it can have on life.
Quality of Life
Panic disorder can have an adversative effect on the quality of life. People with panic disorder often have difficulties in family and marital functioning, general social and interpersonal functioning, and work-related and academic functioning. Most of the time they
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