Essay on Anxiety Disorder and the Different Types

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Anxiety is the most common type of psychiatric diagnosis and brings together several disorders. These disorders cause fear, worry, panic and apprehension. Anxiety is different from fear to the extent that it is a reaction to an anticipated problem and fear is a reaction to a present problem or danger. The fear, worry, panic and apprehension caused by anxiety disorders are out of proportion. People suffering from an anxiety disorder have difficulties coping with certain situations in life; anxiety disorders disrupts their life. Some of them seek for psychological therapies.
Psychological therapies are interactions with professionals who help people coping with problems in their thoughts or behaviour. These therapies are based on past
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And people with agoraphobia will avoid situations or places in which it would be difficult for them to escape or receive help if they have a sudden panic or incapacity so they need the presence of someone with them.
Phobias cause physical and mental symptoms such as faster heart beating, sweating, shaking, panic, fear, rapid breathing and many more and effects by all means people’s life and their employability.

Panic disorder
Panic disorder is characterised by frequent panic attacks to nonthreatening situations and anxiety of further panic attacks. There are two types of attacks, uncued attacks (nexected attacks) and cued attacks (triggered by a specific situation). People with panic disorder “fear the fear” (Ken Duckworth, M.D., and Jacob L. Freedman, M.D., February 2013) and try to avoid situations in which they think will trigger their panic attacks, their apprehension and terror. There are physical and mental symptoms such as breathing difficulties, heart palpitation, nausea, fast heartbeat, sweating… and also depersonalisation, fear of losing control… Panic attacks can happen at anytime and thus it gets in the way of our daily life and causes other problems such as unemployment.

General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
General Anxiety Disorder is defined by a recurring and excessive worry often about unimportant things. People who suffer from this GAD have difficulties
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