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Anxiety Disorders Anxiety is a normal reaction to stressful situations that helps in the coping process for individuals. On some occasions, anxiety may become so severe that it impairs the ability to cope and can create psychosocial impairment. High levels of anxiety that interfere with daily activities and social interaction are considered a psychiatric disorder. Anxiety disorders are treatable and can have profound effects on the psychosocial aspect of the individuals life. This paper will discuss the possible causes of anxiety disorders and the affects that it may have on an individual’s psychological state. The social implications of this disorder will also be discussed to get a clear understanding of how extreme anxiety can …show more content…
For instance, an individual may experience such high levels of anxiety that they may avoid social interactions all-together out of embarrassment or fear of losing control. Irritability is also common in anxiety disorders and may affect not only the person experiencing anxiety or panic attacks, but can also have a huge impact on the people around them. This often leads to family and friends avoiding situations where they will have to socialize with the affected person. Many other disorders can result from simply having an anxiety disorder, such as eating disorders or panic attacks. The worst-case scenario is that the individual may become so depressed that they become self-destructive. The use of alcohol or street drugs may become prevalent, and often times the individual may become overwrought with suicidal thoughts.
Psychological Perspectives of Anxiety Disorders

There are many factors involved when evaluating the onset of anxiety disorders from a psychological perspective. The early developmental experiences that children have may play a pivotal role on the psychological occurrence of high amounts of anxiety that may plaque them into adulthood. According to Cromer (2007), “Sigmund Freud believed that some children were more prone to anxiety disorders due to being overrun by neurotic or moral anxiety”. Another contributing psychological factor of anxiety disorder can be contributed to the atmosphere that a
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