Anxiety Disorders: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Relating to Rape

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Anxiety disorders are considered an axis one disorder, There are five types of anxiety disorders, general anxiety disorder, anxiety disorder, and panic disorders, phobic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is defined by; An anxiety disorder that develops through exposure for a traumatic event, severely oppressive situations, severe abuse, and natural and unnatural disasters. The symptoms of PTSD are usually the following: Flashbacks in which the individual experiences flashbacks, impulsive outbreaks, the inability to experience emotions, often ones of joy, hard time concentrating, nervous feelings, trouble with sleep. PTSD generally lasts around 3-4 years, in some
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Model B victims were most likely raped by a stranger resulting in extreme low self-esteem, high self blame, and lack of trust in people. Model B victims also experienced memory problems, non-visual sensory memory such at touch and movement. For example when hair is either pulled or tugged hard it sparks the memory of trauma (Mary Koss, 2002) Global distress is connection made between psychological stress and physical stress. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is strenuous; the body transfers the stress into physical systems, damaging the immune system. Sleeping patterns are also disturbed leaving the body tired and unprepared for the day ahead with sudden arousals and interrupted sleep. (Mary Koss, 2002)

Dr. Pierre Janet has developed a three phase system to help deal with the memories of a traumatic experience. Phase 1 is concerned with establishing safety and stabilization in a person’s life, this process can take anywhere from several days to several years. Phase 2 involves how to process the traumatic expierence, while phase 3 deals with how to apply the first two phases into your daily life. Phase 1 discusses how to recognize when your body is expierencing a change. A person must pay attention to their bodies sensations, emotions, and thoughts, allowing this helps you become aware

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