Anxiety- Making it Live around You, Not the Other Way Around

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Well this is what living with anxiety disorder is like.

Now obviously this is an extreme end of the symptoms, but sadly it happens to often, and we are forced to cope with it. My symptoms, yes mine, range anything from racing thoughts, to a racing heart, to left-field thoughts of suicide.

I feel like anxiety is such a touchy subject that very little people want to openly talk about it. I mean where is the stigma in saying, hey last week I wanted to kill myself. It just doesn’t roll of the tongue, or really relate to anyone who is not struggling with it.

I think that is the hardest part of having anxiety disorder, NO one around you understands what you are going through, unless they suffer from it as well. There is no easy way to describe what happens, and how to handle each situation.

If only there were some kind of guide book to living with anxiety disorder, and I am not talking about those pamphlets that tell me how to breathe, or areas in my life that I can reduce stress. Unfortunately I am an every day college student with statistically alarming amounts of anxiety, regardless if you have the disorder or not… so if you think your stress is bad, and you don’t have anxiety disorder. Just image what it would be like if you tripled that stress, for no apparent reason, and with little to no way to change the…
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