Anxiety Of Second Language Learning

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Anxiety in Second Language Learning; Causes and Solutions Dalee Kimble PSY 204.10 Allen Bonner, M.S LPC October 6, 2016 Anxiety in Second Language Learning; Causes and Solutions Learning a foreign language can be a lot like dating: one can easily get tongue tied as they anxiously attempt to reach the object of their affection. This “butterflies in your tummy” feeling can help a person when it comes to affairs of the heart. It reminds them that the smallest transgression can lead to enormous costs. But what about learning a foreign language, where matters of the tongue are much harder to control. The pressure a student feels to perform well in the classroom can become unbearable, but becomes even more specific to learning a second language. This subject will be looked at in much greater detail by investigating research, causes, and anxiety in foreign and second language learning. Many students who surpass all expectations in other subject areas struggle a great deal in learning a second language because of anxiety specific to learning a foreign language. MacIntyre and Gardner (1991) found through a controlled laboratory setting that anxiety in interpersonal settings and associated with recall of vocabulary words and learning is communicative anxiety. Other types of anxiety include classroom anxiety, learning anxiety, state anxiety, test anxiety, and audience anxiety. Each depends on the type of anxiety that can occur within second language learning.
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