Anxiety, Stress, And Frustration

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Anxiety in the Classroom

It was important to select this topic as a teacher who directly teaches students that have issues with anxiety, stress and frustration every day. Each student is different in the ways that they deal with their emotions. It is imperative for teaching staff to fully understand how each student works in the school setting so that they can help them become as independent as possible. During the research, the writer sought multiple ways to be proactive with students and their anxiety, stress and frustration. To learn ways to prevent them from becoming anxious, stressed or frustrated while in a school setting so they are able to be included in the mainstream classroom more often. The writer investigated research that addressed the development of coping strategies to utilize coping strategies to help students cope with their anxiety, stress and frustration while they are having a meltdown so they don’t have to leave the mainstream classroom. The goal is for students to use these strategies so they don’t need to leave instructional class time to seek out help from school counselors, social worker or other adults until they have a free time to do so.
Today’s society is ever evolving into a fast paced environment, which is becoming more increasingly difficult for youth to understand and process information. It starts at the early age of preschool when students enter the emotional field. According to Mooney (2014), when a young child enters the playground…
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