Anxiety : Stress Gone Crazy

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ANXIETY: STRESS GONE CRAZY Imagine a person who becomes anxious about common everyday activities,the person starts to shake, sweat, or even faint. The effects of anxiety disorders range from simple nerves to serious health issues or even death. are a small For some, anxiety is a common problem in everyday life. It is important to understand anxiety, understand the signs and symptoms, and understand how to treat the disorder.
UNDERSTANDING ANXIETY In the world today, it is nearly impossible to live a life without worrying because so much can go wrong. Plans do not always work out and it is necessary to have multiple backup plans. According to Kathleen McGuire,who wrote an article titled, “Is Anxiety Holding You Back?” anxiety is an irrational fear that everything will not be perfect. This makes the disorder, especially difficult because it holds us back from growing and learning from our mistakes in our lives. Globally, one in thirteen people will suffer from this life changing disorder (Coppard-Queensland). This disorder is tough on people and affects individuals anywhere at anytime. According to Linda Bayer, author of the book, Uneasy Lives Understanding Anxiety Disorders, wrote, “The human ability to think about the future enables us to become fearful of what lies ahead. In some people, this basic survival mechanism veers out of control and develops into an anxiety disorder” (10). It is not probable for someone to have a perfect life, so he or she would need to use…
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