Anxiety in Teens Essay

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An individual that has strives to live with anxiety or an anxiety disorder faces many struggles daily because of the feelings the conditions stimulate. There are an infinite amount of symptoms, causes, and consequences, but an equal amount of treatment options and ways to handle anxiety. Anxiety disorders can be viewed as general or extremely specific, but all in all each one affects the life of a person living with one or knowing someone who struggles with it. In regards to teenagers specifically, between three and five percent children and adolescents in the United States have some sort of anxiety disorder (Foa and Andrews 2). With the many challenges teenagers already face because of pressure based on school, athletics, social…show more content…
In teens, many symptoms primarily include wariness, nervousness, muscle tension or cramps, and stomach or headaches (AACAP). Having an anxiety disorder brings about exposure to these symptoms daily, all of which are unfavorable.

There are many common types and conditions of anxiety disorders that can be diagnosed based on the symptoms present. The four most prevalent anxiety disorders among teenagers include social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and post traumatic stress disorder; many other forms of anxiety exist such as phobias, and panic attacks (Foa and Andrews 3). In a teens life, having anxieties such as social and panic attacks can form habitual actions such as not going anywhere or doing specific things. Social anxiety particularly begins between late childhood and early teens (Foa and Andrews 14). With this anxiety, fear is provoked when thinking about or interacting in a social setting or situation.This discomfort can be specific or general to a certain idea or situation (Foa and Andrews 13). Most types of anxiety disorders can coordinate to another. Like social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder can be directed principally a situations or nothing in particular (Foa and Andrews 14). It can be challenging for teens to explain the source of their anguish especially if they are not diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Generalized anxiety disorder is the most commonly

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