Anxiolytics And Anxiety

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Everyday millions of people face anxiety problems and everyday millions of people are also diagnosed with some sort of anxiety disorder. Anxiety can affect some people’s lives every day and become so severe that they cannot continue on with their daily activities, and when this happens they have to resort to anxiolytics. According to Essentials of Understanding Abnormal Behavior, “Anxiolytics are used to treat anxiety; they are sometimes referred to as minor tranquilizers, so named to distinguish them from the major tranquilizing medications used with psychotic disorders”(Sue, Sue, Sue, and Sue, 2014). While anxiolytics are supposed to be used to reduce anxiety, they can also be pretty harmful depending on how you use them. This paper will…show more content…
According to, “These drugs can be habit-forming. People who take them for an extended period can develop a tolerance. This requires a dosage increase to achieve the same effectiveness”. With reading this result you can say that the use of anxiolytic drugs can have a negative effect on those that use it every day, because it may seem helpful to them at first but then their body gets used to it and they may try to take more than one pill which can be dangerous. Another reason why the increase use of Anxiolytics drugs is dangerous because it can have a negative effect on those that have a history of addiction of any kind. According to, “Patients with a family history of alcoholism may be genetically predisposed to benzodiazepine dependence”. This would probably prove to be true because just like alcohol can make you feel good and in return you have to consume more to keep feeling the same effect, anxiolytic medications are the same. This is because there is a high potential for tolerance and physiological dependence with all sedatives. And just like other sedatives, anxiolytics come with…show more content…
No I do not believe that society has lost the ability to handle daily stressors without a pill. Society right now and has gotten extremely lazy and has found that just taking a pill will solve all their problems and they won’t have to worry about anything anymore, but if they actually wanted to they could handle stress without medicine. There are many things that people in society can do to relieve stress like exercise, therapy, eating, sleeping, and more. Exercise is a well-known way to help reduce stress and those that do exercise are proven to be more stress free than those that do not exercise. There are different exercises that relieve stress in different ways, like yoga helps you breathe and concentrate and have overall relaxation, and any other exercise that is high intensity because it will make you work hard and sweat and overall release stress. Therapy would be a good way that society could help reduce stress without a pill because talking about your problems and stresses out with someone is a relief. Another way some people may reduce stress is by eating. Eating can help reduce stress because sometimes the lack of food may be the reason for stress and anxiety. When some people get anxiety attacks it may be because their blood sugar is
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