Anxiously Waiting For The Next Therapy Session

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Anxiously waiting for the next therapy session, I began to pace back and forth through the office. For the past six months, I had been dreaming of finding a way to incorporate my food science background in an Occupational Therapy setting. Most people had doubted by ambition to combine the two fields, but I was confident that I could find a way for them to parallel. As I paced around the room, I recalled the details of the next client. He was a 6 year old foster child with severe food anxiety. Constantly transitioning to and from different foster homes, he had never lived in a stable environment. As a direct repercussion of this, any new foods that he encountered resulted in a major anxiety attack. Consequently, he was quickly declining to…show more content…
Then he placed the bread in a pan and fried an egg inside the hole. This may seem like an elementary task, but it for this little boy, building his bird’s nest was the greatest accomplishment of his life. Each week we would work to overcome every fear he encountered from touching the bread to cracking the eggs and even tasting the final product. After several weeks of continuously working to build different bird’s nest, he finally overcame his fear and took a bite of the egg and toast. While chewing, the little boy couldn’t stop smiling from excitement. He told us that as soon as he got home he wanted to make his mom a bird’s nest too. Little did he know, his foster mother had been making him eggs and toast every day and he had been refusing to eat it. The idea was to make the food as non-threatening as possible and after weeks of carefully integrating, we were able to accomplish this task. Being apart of this little boy’s progress is one of the most influential moments of my life. Seeing the little boy overcome his fears and being able to contribute to his success fueled my desire and passion to become an Occupational Therapist. I learned that even with a degree in Food Science, Occupational Therapy is so diverse that I can apply my food sensory background in my therapy sessions. Growing up, I always imagined that I would go into the Food Science field. My father had a great career in the food industry and had influenced me to pursue a career that fed the world. I
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