Anyone Who Has Ever Held A Job In The Workforce Would Admit

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Anyone who has ever held a job in the workforce would admit that they have either been a leader or been led by a leader. They would also admit that there are both bad leadership styles and good leadership styles. Employees’ creativity, work efficiency, and work quality could all be affected by the leadership style used in their specific workplace. With that being said, it is very important that a leader in his or her workplace should be very focused on choosing a leadership style that will make his or her employees excel, as well as create a safe, respected work environment. Choosing the right leadership style for the situation is crucial because one cannot simply apply one leadership style to every situation and receive the same results.…show more content…
Then, I will explain which leadership style would fit into each varying aspect. Conversely, I would show why certain leadership styles would not work with certain varying aspects. A few specific leadership styles I will want to focus in on in my paper include: authoritative, democratic, example, and coaching. Authoritative involves tactics such as micromanaging and making decisions for other workers, who the leader is in charge of, democratic is where the leader considers ideas of the people who surround him or her and makes decisions according to group consensus, example requires the leader to set the example for those who surround him or her, and coaching would be the leader encouraging those who surround them to try their own ideas. There is a vast number of situations in which certain leadership styles can and cannot be applied. One situation being a leader who is surrounded by co-workers who are of equal knowledge or even greater knowledge. This situation would be perfect for a style where the leader works together with those he or she is surrounded by to come up with the best possible ideas or products. This style would allow for full utilization of each educated mind in the group including the leader. It would not be so perfect for a style where the leader makes all the decisions, meaning he or she tells every person around him or her what to do. Choosing the not so perfect leadership would affect the

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