Anz Bank Research

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Table of Contents: 1.0. Introduction: 2 1.1 Background: 2 1.2. Aim and scope: 2 1.3. Limitations of study: 2 2.0. Discussion: 3 2.1. Qualitative research: 3 2.1.1. Focus group: 3 2.1.2. In-Depth interviews: 4 2.1.3. Observations: 5 2.1.4. Mixed qualitative research methods: 5 2.1.5. Delphi research: 5 2.1.6. Analysis on qualitative research methods: 6 2.2. Decision on collecting method: 6 2.3. Quantitative research: 7 2.4. Questionnaire: 8 2.4.1 Customers: 8 2.4.2. Employees: 12 2.5. Ethical and Biases issues: 13 2.6. Analysis of Measurement scale: 14 3.0. Sampling decision: 15 4.0. Research findings and recommendations: 16 5.0. Conclusion: 17 6.0. References: 19…show more content…
Each group provides their discussion for about ninety minutes and sometimes depends on the limit of the members in the group (Burnard, P, 2004). But there is a need for discussing on the certain areas which are important according to the moderator. For example: ANZ is concerned about their customer dissatisfaction to their services and their business strategic decisions. In this situation there is a need for discussion relating to service. This type of the research arise questions and provides comments from different members of group. However, studies reveal that there is lack of interviewer effect and achievement of realism is bit difficult part in this type of research. In order to conduct focus group the best way is face to face and sitting under one roof. But due to technological and geographical distances some times the telephone based group will be used however it doesn’t provide quality information as there won’t be proper communication, body language, feeling etc in their discussion (Burnard, P, 2004). The online group discussion sorted some of telephone type research, but still not affective as direct face to face discussion. 2.1.2. In-Depth interviews: This is a second important method in qualitative research method which involves one to one deeper interviews according to the researcher views and it is also more open type of research method. This method is most popular to the ANZ
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