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It is recommended that ANZ Bank’s management should reconsider customer value proposition, reputation and security risk as a consequence of ANZ Bank recent outsourcing strategy. This report discusses three main issues that ANZ Bank’s management may have to consider if it is to enhance strength and core competency.
Customer value proposition
Firstly, as ANZ Bank has stressed that ‘becomes a super regional bank’ is a core strategy objective (ANZ 2012), ANZ will have to consider the potential effect for customer value proposition as a result of recent outsourcing strategy. It has been pointed that the problem of losing managerial control that may arise from outsourcing (RBA tells bank to go slowly 2012). Weerakkody and
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Based on value chain, leak of customer information will reduce value of service (Needle 2010). Customers may switch to competitors. It can be argued that there is a contract which would protect data and customer information. The contract is legal protection tool to constrain operators (Nassimbeni, Sartor and Dus 2012). However, even if there is a contract, it does not guarantee everything will operate smoothly. The level of legal and judicial environment will affect the effectiveness of contract (Nassimbeni, Sartor and Dus 2012). For example, Vodafone has been suffered customer privacy leaks. It leads Vodafone faces penalties of up to $250,000 (Sydney Morning Herald 2011). Therefore, it is very important for ANZ Bank to consider security issue.
Therefore it can be concluded that ANZ Bank should reconsider customer value proposition, reputation and security risk in response to the recent outsourcing strategy.

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