Anzlie Case Study

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Location: Clients home Goal: Goal 1: Anzlie wants to process emotions and feelings related to past abuse without guilt, embarrassment or shame Objective: Objective 1: Anzlie will verbally identify at least 3 specific situations, thoughts and past experiences that remind her of abuse and cause negative emotions such as anger, shame, and guilt. Behaviors Cn was well groomed. She was appropriate and cooperative during the session. She maintained proper eye contact when communicating with Th and was attentive and engaged in the meeting. . Interventions Th met with Cn in her home. Therapist checked in with Cn and reviewed previous week. Th utilized a therapeutic game of "UNO" to build rapport with Cn along with open ended questioning to engage cn more in sharing and processing. Collaborative documentation was utilized to engage cn in the treatment process.…show more content…
Cn checked in feeling happy and was open to discussion. Cn shared with Th how the talent show went and the anxiety that she had. Cn shared that she had some feelings of sadness over the week when she thought about her dad and how much she misses him. Cn and Th processed those feelings and things that she could do when she feels down such as talking to her mom or playing with siblings. Cn discussed a recent event that she kissed a "doll" on the lip and she felt bad about it. Th and Cn processed the incident for Cn to learn that it was not something to be embarrassed. Cn was actively engaged in the treatment process. Cn appears open to establishing rapport with th and participating in the therapy process. Cn looks to be interacting well and enjoys sharing in discussion. Statement of Progress Cn is actively involved in the therapy process and is open to learning positively express her feelings. Planning Th will continue to build rapport with Cn through weekly IC to work on
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