Aoi No Ue Analysis

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1. In Aoi no Ue, Rokujo appears to the priest because Teruhi recited a chant specifically in order to call an evil spirit to him. This is seen near the beginning of the play when it says “Teruhi faces the kosode kimono and, to azusa music, chants an incantation for calling forth an evil spirit” (Muromachi period 927). In Nonomiya, Rokujo and the priest seem to happen upon each other by chance rather than purposefully looking for the other. This is seen when the monk says “As in the shadow of the grove I call the past to mind and feel my heart settling into peace, suddenly a very beautiful lady stands before me. But who are you?” (Nonomiya 209). 2. The main conflict within Aoi no Ue is that Rokujo is bitter and jealous of Lady Aoi and attempts to kill her for revenge. This revenge can be seen when she first attempts to strike Lady Aoi and says “Say what you will, I must strike her now. So saying, I walk toward the beside of Lady Aoi and striker her…Present vengeance is the retribution for past wrongs you did to me” (Muromachi period 931). In Nonomiya, Rokujo the main conflict is that the monk’s presence is a desecration and that she has attachment to the world due to the story she tells of her and Genji; and asks the priest to help heal her soul. This is seen when…show more content…
In Aoi no Ue, Rokujo is fully demonic, as she is aggressive and unforgiving in her attempt to murder Lady Aoi until the priest is able to best her. This is seen in the play whenever Rokujo says things like “Oh, how I hate you! I will punish you” and “I must striker her now” (Muromachi Period 931). However, in Nonomiya, Rokujo is not a demonic presents but just an obsessed soul. This notion can be seen when Rokujo says “I have no wish to vex you with my name, unworthy as I am. I am ashamed! Yet word no doubt will leak out in the end. I would have you know this name of mine belongs to no one living. Comfort Me!” (Nonomiya 211). Showing that she wishes no harm and just wishes her soul to be
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