Aol : The First Internet Service Providers Essay

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Company History

AOL was one of the first internet service providers in the United States. American Online founded in 1985 by Steven Case and Jim Kinsey in 1985. A few years AOL introduced a few new features to their company such as instant messenger or also known as AIM. This allowed AOL of convert from an hourly service to a free service. That same year, AOL became a publicly traded company.

AOL provided their users a wide range of services from email, instant messaging if they have a secure internet connection. Instant messenger was used to communicate and send messages over the internet. AOL offered these services to the public at no charge. In addition to providing convenience messaging outlets, AOL Consumers also have the ability to use AOL 's Mapquest, and weblog services, and AOL even offers a free digital magazine service called Distro. However, this offer is only available for their verified AOL users. AOL also offers and provides a subscription Internet service. This service is not free. Consumers are required to pay a monthly fee. The price depends on the specific speed you desire. Lastly, which may be the most important service and that is technical support. AOL has a technical support center that is available 24/7 to help with any assistance with their products and services.

Time Warner was established after the merger between Time Inc. and Warner Brothers in 1989. Time Warner was assisted in introducing media brands such as magazines, music, movies and
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