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Abstract: This experiment, which was used to explore the Theory of Evolution created by Charles Darwin. The use of natural selection was apparent in the artificial modification of an organism's traits which aided in this investigation. Through this experiment the Wisconsin Fast Plant was used. It is a fast-growing organism developed to improve the resistance to disease in cruciferous plants. This plant aids scientist in the exploration of environmental effects on population due to the speed to which is matures and reproduces. Artificial selection was stimulated by the selection against plants with few hairs(trichomes). Trichomes create a wider variation which means it is polygenic. The plants that had only a few trichomes were…show more content…
This was a decrease in the population of hairless plants and an increase for the hairy plants. Number of Trichomes per Wisconsin Fast Plant Discussion: From the results the hypothesis was supported. The selection against hairless plants reduced the number that would be present in future generations. 86% of the F1 generation had to be killed due to the selection against them. These plants had ten or less trichomes. 14% of this population contained more than ten trichomes and were allowed to cross-pollinate to create an F2 generation. This population resulted in a larger percentile of hairy plants. It went from 14% to 40%. Only 60% f this population were bald. These results proved Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection which is significant because it allowed us to test his theory using artificial selection. Darwin's theory was present among populations whose heritable traits were passed on through generations and the traits that were not useful to the species would slowly fade out due to this theory. In the case of this experiment the plants with ten or more trichomes were more suited

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