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AP Biology Lab 1
Ross Lordo

Introduction Questions
1. The solute potential would be -2.48. If the concentration inside the cell is .15 M, then would diffusion out of the cell and into the solution of .1 M. This is due to water potential and the tendency for water to move from areas of high water potential to low water potential.
2. The turgor pressure must be equal to the water potential if there is no net diffusion. The cell and environment have reached equilibrium and the movement of water is equal on both sides.

Getting Started
1. Kinetic energy is the energy an object possesses due to its motion. The difference between kinetic energy and potential energy is the kinetic energy is the energy of an object that is already in
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5. Most cells are small because diffusion can take place at a quicker rate. The convolutions allow for more space to be able to be used in order to get molecules across the membrane. These small cells allow for materials to quickly be able to reach the cell membrane and get in or out of the cell, without having to make a long journey from an inside part of the cell.
6. Water will move out of the cell. The high water potential means there is little solute in the cell and more in the outside environment. In order to balance these concentrations, water moves out of the cell and creates equilibrium with the environment.
7. If saltwater is applied to a plant, the plant would shrivel up and die. This is a result of the water moving out of the cells in order to try to balance the concentration of solute compared to inside the cell. The water movement out of the cell would cause the cell to shrink and the lack of water would eventually cause the plant to die.
8. A plant can control its turgor pressure through its central vacuole and cell wall. If a great amount of water is inside the cell, the central vacuole will take in some of the water to take some of the pressure of the cell wall. The cell wall can also eliminate water from making its way into the cell. The would cause the cell to keep expanding, but slowly eliminate its excess

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