Ap English 3 Year 11 Dialectical Journal

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A long long time ago. Oops nevermind it was like 5 minutes ago when we first made a time machine to help us study for assignments for Social studies in 6th grade. Anna, Paisley, and Posa were all busy celebrating in Anna’s basement, when Albert Einstein shot out of the time machine from the time period of 1905! A great moment!

“A yeah I just put the time period of 1905 Albert Einstein .” Paisley says with an ashamed smile. “I needed to study about him.”
Albert Einstein blankly looks at the girl's and says “ I have made a decision! Wait who are you, where am I, and what is this black square box!” He asks curiously!
“A that’s my phone, and can you please give it back to me!” Posa says rolling her eyes and giving him snobby looks!
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Do you know?”
“ Yes, we are in Clear Lake, Iowa in the United states of america, and it is 2017-2018.” Anna Informs Albert.
“Quit interesting Iowa is.” Einstein says smartly. “But 2017 wow, its so cool!”
“A yeah I guess ?” Posa says weirdly walking over to the Time machine to type in the time period 1955, Marilyn Monroe. In Her greatest moment.

Posa waits by the time machine for Marilyn Monroe to shoot out. Posa has a nicely organized clipboard with answers and things she should say to Marilyn on a paper, while the other girl's help Albert. Marilyn shoots out of the time machine and lands on an air vent on the ground. Her dress flowing in the
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I’m in the future!” Marilyn says in amazement “This is so cool I never thought I could live this long!”
“Well the truth is I brought you here with our time machine that the other girls and I made.” Posa informs Marilyn again.

While Posa and Paisley are talking to Marilyn and Albert, Anna goes and types in Martin Luther King Jr. 1963 Martin Luther King Jr.
He shoots out of the time machine and shouted “I have a dream! What am I doing here? Where am I? Who are you?”
“I’m Anna and these are my friends Paisley and Posa. You are in Clear Lake, Iowa “ Anna informs him
“ The year is 2017.” Posa tells Martin.
“We brought you here because Anna is studying you in class, and needs to ask you some questions .” Paisley said with a smile. “
“So do you think you can let me ask you some questions?” Anna asked Martin.
“Of course I will help you what do you need?” Martin kindly asked.
“Um well I have a book report for social studies and would I would love to ask you some questions” Anna smartly. “But first my friends need to bring the other's home and study.
“Oh yes,what do you want to know?” asked
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