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DBQ: Peasants’ revolts From 1524 to 1526 peasant revolts were occurring throughout the German states. Many causes and responses brewed out of these revolts. One cause is from religion issues (1,3,6) , Luther’s idea of equality. Another cause is the peasant gaining power (2,8,9). As a result of these causes came out response, the most common response was riots and chaos (5,11,7). These revolts would end in thousands of rebel deaths and others are also killed. In the early 1500s religious reforms were constant throughout all of Germany, including the ideas of Martin Luther. Martin Luther brought the idea of equality to the peasants (1,3,6) , which in term started the revolts. In document 1 Leonhard van Eck states that the peasants were…show more content…
This document is written by peasants hence the encouragement for the revolt, although Lotzer might be saying this so that we may be the leader of this revolt and he is a craftsman so this might get more people to notice his craft, he then gains more money. Document 8 is the complete opposite perspective of the peasants gaining power and the revolt. Lorenz Fries is a catholic archbishop and the revolts are driven out of Luther’s doctrines. He said that the peasants are troublesome and the revolt should be stopped, but he most likely said this to get people to turn their backs on Lutheranism and accept Catholicism. Although his report is a secret one so he probably wrote it secretly so that he would not be killed or hurt by the peasant’s rebellion. In document 9, Caspar Nutzel, a noble, says that the peasants were blinded and they have gotten too strong. This document is also a response in that people have allowed the revolts to happen and the peasants have gone too far. Though this document should be approached with caution because he uses some absolute language in the regard to how the peasants act, and Nutzel might be stating this to keep his job as town councilor. The most common response to the revolts was chaos and rioting (5,11,7). In document 5, a theologian/journalist states what happened at Weinsburg when the peasants arrived there.

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