Ap Human Geography Chapter 1 Creative Writing

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It’s December 2014 and it’s Christmas time in Newcastle. As usual the grey sky lays like a cozy blanket over the city. Somewhere around the Christmas madness a boy is walking around. Among the smell of cinnamon and food from the Christmas market, the sounds from people, cars and buses. Little noises are heard from pigeons fighting over a piece of dirty bread. As the boy navigates trough the crowds of people he is completely unaware of something life changing that is about to happen. This wonderful boy has sandy blonde curly hair that is partially covered by a grey woolly hat, he’s wearing a black cozy warm jacket with grey sweatpants and worn out vans. Wrapped under his shirt the wires from his headphones are just hanging loose on his chest…show more content…
The boy who's eyes shift colour depending on the light, who has dark defined eyebrows that I'm jealous off, puffy lips and vampire-like pale skin. His most noticeable trait to me when I met him for the first time was his deep, sad eyes. A bit like a sad dog. His eyes told a story of a person broken down by experiences, who didn't expect anything anymore but the worst.
But not today. Today his eyes are sparkling with happiness and he has a big grin on his face. Life is good. He just suffered trough his last day of college before the Christmas holidays begin. He is so excited about just sitting by his desk all day and night drinking Dr.Pepper, eating pizza and playing Grand Theft Auto. He cant wait to sit up at night just looking at the moon and ponder life as he watches everyone come and go from their lovely Christmas decorated houses. He will have his cat and best friend Koda on his lap of course. He found Koda in a box in the street when he was a kitten. Koda is now 6 years old, sort of overweight and insanely
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Before I moved from where I was born - a small city in Sweden just to be with him and turned his life completely upside down. Just a couple of days after this story took place both our lives changed forever. We met and 6 months later I moved to Newcastle to be with him. I had to get used to the language/accent, the food, his family and getting around a big city when I came from a small town. I was 16 when I moved to a strange country by myself. My family and friends are still in Sweden and I miss them a lot. It is very difficult to have a boyfriend from a different country, to move in with him at a young age but we have really faced every type of issue a couple can have and we handled it and are still together and i know that we will be togheter for the rest of our
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