Ap Human Geography

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Heather Furlong
AP Human Geography
Summer Assignment

Quote: “We were first introduced to rap music during one of our visits to Mobimbi, a quarter where the foreigners who worked for the same American company as my father lived” (Beah 6).

Explanation: The theme of region is shown in this quote as the author describes one of his many trips down to Mobimbi. Region describes the geographical unit based on characteristics and functions of culture. This quote also shows a very specific type of region called functional region, which is an area that has been organized to function politically, socially, or economically as one unit. The town of Mobimbi that the author speaks of is a place of social gathering for the people of his area.
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Boys learn at a young how to climb and provide for their families. This theme of nature-culture is very prominent in this chapter, because without learning to climb they would have a lot less food to feed to their families.

Quote: “I began to feel my ribs when I touched my sides”…”Later in the evening, the boy’s mother gave each of us an ear of corn” (Beah 30-31).

Explanation: The theme nature-culture is used in this quote as the author talks about how hungry he is, and also how a woman gave them corn she had grown. Nature-culture helps us investigate how groups of people interact with the Earth’s biophysical environment and examine how the culture, politics, and economies of those groups affect their ecological situation and resource use. The author and his friends are currently fleeing from the RUF. The RUF is an army made of young boys. While the boys are fleeing they have no food, but when they find a young boy who has food, they take his food and eat it themselves. But the mother of the child takes pity on the boys and gives them each their own ear of corn she has grown. This is an example of nature-culture, because it shows how people are utilizing the Earth and its resources to survive in tough situations. Also the town that they wandered into has a farming culture; this is how the people of that town make money by selling their corn, and how they also live healthy lives from the nutritional value

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