Ap Human Geography Final Project Essay

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Located at the base of the Wasatch Mountains is the wonderful city of Sandy. Sandy City is one of the more populous areas of Salt Lake City and the 5th largest city in Utah. It is a large, mostly suburban area with a population of about 94,000 people. It extends from I-215 to the north, E 12300 to the south, W 10600 S to the west, and Little Cottonwood Canyon Road to the east. Sandy has 4 quadrants: Alta Canyon, Bell Cayon, Crescent, and Sandy. I live in the Sandy quadrant, which is the 2nd largest of the 4 (after Alta Canyon.) While not being the largest in size, it is the most populous (and densely populated). Sandy also has many recreational parks, and a very well developed transportation network consisting of many bus routes and a…show more content…
The majority of the population is Caucasian (87%), followed by Hispanic (8%), American Indian (1%), Asian (2%), and African-American (1%). [pic] [pic] Population pyramid of Sandy, Utah

There have been impacts of natural hazards on Sandy throughout the city’s history. There have been many records of floods in the past and some very minor earthquakes. There are still dangers of floods and earthquakes, and many people live on the fault line, where it is expected to have a huge earthquake in about 50 years. This large earthquake could destroy many homes and neighborhoods and will cost the city a substantial amount of money to repair all of the damages.

Growth over time and space Population has increased a lot in Sandy. There were a few people in the 1900s, when the city was still developing. But ever since, the population has boomed. Sandy experienced its biggest growth in 1970 – 1980, when the population increased 711%[5].

Here is a projection for future population trends in Sandy. It is expected that population growth will expand steadily. By 2060, the population in Sandy would increase to over 145,000.
The population of Sandy is growing because Sandy is a physically attractive place. Many families are coming to Sandy because it is a safe place to raise their children. There is a lot of economic development, so there are a lot of job opportunities. There are more buildings being
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