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Chapter 1 Review Questions
1. What is invention in rhetoric?
Invention in rhetoric is the process of coming up with ideas for speaking or writing. It has three appeals, ethos, logos, and pathos.

2. What is ethos?
Ethos is an appeal based on the character of the speaker or writer.

3. What is logos?
Logos consists of the content of the argument. It also appeals to the intellect.

4. What is pathos?
Pathos appeals to the emotions of the audience.

5. How does ethos, logos, and pathos work together to persuade an audience?
All three come together to persuade and audience because they appeal to the heart and the mind. People don’t make decisions with just one or the other, so this creates maximum persuasive effect. These
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The arrangement collects your ideas and lets you put it in order. It allows you to form the best possible argument.

11. What is style?
Style is choosing how to express your ideas. Contributes to the writer’s content, message, or emotional appeal.

12. What effect does style have in communicating an argument to an audience?
The way the writer communicates is through their style. It appeals to the audiences emotions, it can make the message more artistic and memorable.

1. Invention in rhetoric is the process of coming up with ideas for speaking and writing, kinda like brainstorming.
2. Ethos is one of the three appeals. It is based on the character or credibility of the speaker and or writer. It’s all about making the audience trust and believe in you in a sense. You want them to feel connected to you, that they have your trust and understanding.
3. Logos is another one of the three appeals. This appeal is the content of the written or spoken message. In this appeal it’s all about reducing the problem ethically. Making the problems that they have more understandable and more logical.
4. Pathos is the last of the three appeals. Pathos is the emotional appeal to the audience by the speaker and or writer. Speakers know that people will follow their hearts more than there mind so they try to connect with them on an emotional level. Trying to speak with passion, and emotion so people can feel the pain and understand.
5. The three
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