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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.
______ 1) How was the global trade network of the 15th century different from that of previous eras?
A) Trade prior to the 15th century was limited to the Western Hemisphere.
B) In previous eras, most attention was given to the development of larger regional economies and cultural zones, rather than a truly global network.
C) There was no trade between civilizations prior to the 15th century.
D) Trade in previous eras was almost entirely in the hands of the West.
E) It was controlled by the Chinese due to
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D) Spain exported more finished goods than it imported due to the high quality of its artisans and craftsmen.
E) Spain 's interests were increasingly directed toward the destruction of the Ottoman Empire.

______ 11) What economic policy encouraged the development of colonies, particularly by northern Europe countries?
A) Socialism
B) Boycotts
C) Free trade
D) Communism
E) Mercantilism

______ 12) The dominant commercial nations of northern Europe comprised the __________ zone of the world economy. ______
A) core
B) dependent
C) peripheral
D) free trade
E) negative trade

______ 13) Dependence in the world economy and the consequent need to produce unprocessed goods cheaply led to the development of __________ labor systems.
A) dependant
B) coercive
C) independent
D) free
E) socialist

______ 14) Which of the following statements concerning the relationship between Asian civilizations and the world commercial network of the 16th and 17th centuries is NOT accurate?
A) Asian civilizations had ample political strength and economic sophistication to avoid dependent status.
B) China was able, thanks to the existence of its coastal navy, to prevent the establishment of European ports.
C) East Asia constituted the civilization that remained most fully and consciously external to the world economy.
D) Most of the silver mined and exported by the Spanish
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