Ap United States Government And Politics

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2015-16 Summer Assignment: AP United States Government and Politics
Teacher: Mr. Shpall (MShpall@faculty.ncjhs.org) Mr. Horne (Jeffreyhorne@alumni.usc.edu)

Class Website: ncjhs.haikulearning.com

Assignment Overview: There are four parts to this assignment. Each part has a specific goal to help you prepare for your AP Government and Politics class in the fall.

Assignment #1 will provide you with a plethora of information regarding “politics” using great anecdotes from Christopher Matthews. This assignment is worth 50 points

Assignment #2 will help build a basic foundation of our Constitution and our government. This assignment is worth 25 points

Assignment #3 will get you in the habit of following current events; an important part
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- You may have a quiz the week you return to school on Assignment #1, #2 & #4

-A reminder---The Summer Assignment is due by 10:00pm on Wednesday, August 26. Late assignments will accepted up to 4pm on August 28 with a serious grade reduction (20% per day). After that, late assignments will absolutely not be accepted and will result in your transfer to the on-level section.

- Email me if you have any questions. I will respond within 48 hours during the summer break. Assignment #1 (Hardball Assignment): Learning About “Politics”

From Amazon.com Reviews: Hardball, first published in 1988, is like a modern version of Machiavelli 's The Prince, only much more richly illustrated, with anecdotes drawn from talk-show host Chris Matthews 's stint as a congressional staffer (where he worked for, among others, renowned Speaker of the House Tip O 'Neill). Discussing such basic principles as "It 's not who you know; it 's who you get to know" and "Don 't get mad, don 't get even--get ahead," Matthews not only dishes out choice Washington insider info, he has over the years inspired many readers to apply his principles for political success to their own professional lives.
In the book Hardball, Chris Matthews defines the title term: "Hardball is clean, aggressive Machiavellian politics. It is the discipline of gaining and holding
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