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A. OP 1 Between 1607 and 1763, the British North American colonies developed experience in, and the expectation of self government in the political, religious, economic and social aspects of life. THESIS: Between the years of 1607and 1763, the British North American colonies developed experience and the expectation of self government in the political such as the Mayflower Compact, religious dealing with the Puritans, economic with the establishment of tobacco, and social such as Indians, aspects of life. SUPPORT: Self government: House of Burgess- this was the colonist's first step towards self-government, 1619. 1619 was also the year that slave trade was first introduced; this was very controversial and hypocritical. Political:…show more content…
3. "Geography was a primary factor in the shaping the development of the British colonies in North America" Assess the validity of this statement for the 1600's. THESIS: During the 1600's many colonies in North America was beginning to form. Geography such as where ports where and assessable to westward lands helped in the shaping of these British colonies. SUPPORT/ANALYSIS: Located by ports: All of the Southern colonies that were located by waters were the best location for ports. These ports would bring in trading goods and would easily allow these colonies the export there goods anywhere along the waters, especially the major trade partner England. This helped to shape these select colonies by labeling them as primarily trading colonies; therefore they would be making the most amount of money amongst the colonists. Westward expansion: On the other hand there were a select few new colonies that were located away from ports, thus allowing them only to product agricultural goods, making money mainly from the businesses that needed to export them. This shaped these colonies because this also allowed them to move westward. Although these lands were filled with Indians, colonists didn't care; this gave them more land to produce crops and to make more money. C. Multiple Choices 1. _______ reaped the greatest benefit from the land policies of the "head right"

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