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Besides all the other growing issues from 1700-1800 in American History, there was one rising above all. The enslavement of the African people. While there was much debate about freedom, abolition, and all other things some African-Americans managed to find theirs. From 1775 to 1830 many African-Americans gained freedom by escaping to regions in which slavery wasn’t practiced or by purchasing it if granted while all at the same time the expansion of slavery greatly expanded in the American south. Free or enslaved, African-American were under constant oppression and were driven to take action towards the challenges they were faced with. While some looked to religion to escape these hardships, others looked to violence in which they believed…show more content…
This showing that the average African-American’s faith is what kept them strong and able to do whatever it takes in their struggle for freedom. However the sermon in a typical “Negro” church would also show just what kept them so strongly endowed in their religion. It gives one a close glimpse at what exactly kept them going strong in this period of mistreatment, and just how they were so spiritually strong even at their weakest physically. It was said to be that African-Americans established this “invisible institution” through signals, passwords, and other things. It was here in Church where they mixed their African rhythms, sang, and praised God. Some looked to Religion, while others had a more rebellious attitude. In Document A, Lord Dunmore proclaims all indentured servants, negroes and any free men that are willing to bear arms to fight back. Document G, Biblical references encouraged the Gabriel Prosser rebellion. But just when it’s all too much, in Document J, David Walker addresses Jefferson’s remarks assures and warns Americans that they are men and that very soon they might have to just take their freedom by other means. In Document J, it shows that African-Americans had a breaking point which is the nature of men, to not be able to stand it anymore. This attitude often turns to wanting a quicker solution to their problem along with all the anger they’ve harbored from not being
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