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Africans achieved a lot before the Europeans arrived. Aksum, Ghana, and Mali are examples of well supported empires. In Aksum they developed a trade route, in Ghana they had advanced political structures, and in Mali there is evidence of a wonderful society. Trade and wealth were important parts for all three of the empires. The achievements of the people of Africa before the arrival of the Europeans included an extensive trade network, an abundance of wealth, and a highly sophisticated political structure.
Africans developed an extensive trade route through Aksum. Aksum became an important trading center because of its location. It is located to the South of the Red Sea. Since Aksum’s location was so close to the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, and the Nile River, it was a prime area to travel and trade goods not only faster but also easier (Document 1). Merchants would trade lots of items including salt, gold, ivory, gems, cloth, glass, and olive oil. Because of Aksum's location and role in international trading, the Aksum’s culture became a blend of many different cultures throughout the region.
In between the eighth and eleventh century the kingdom of Ghana grew. Their advance of political structure can be shown through the amount of wealth
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Mansa Musa expanded the Mali empire and was a very smart and generous person. He had lots of wealth. An Egyptian official describes him as very generous, as there was no one who did not receive a sum of gold from him (Document 4). Timbuktu is a name of a city in Mali that has a very highly sophisticated political structure. They have many doctors, judges, priests, and other men who are very intelligent and well taught. The importance of education in Ghana led to better health for the people living there. Also in Ghana they have manuscripts and written books brought there that are sold for more money than any other merchandise (Document

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