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How is the tissue of the kidneys structurally modified to aid in filtration? It has tubules and is porous B. What is important functionally about transitional epithelium? It allows for stretching. Transitional epithelium contains cells that are flattened and cells that are cuboidal; hence the name "transitional". You can find transitional epithelium in the bladder and in the first expansion of the ureters as they leave the kidneys (called a calyx). C. What is the function of the ureter? How does its structure support this function? Covey urine from kidneys to bladder Enter base of bladder through posterior wall Strength and frequency of muscle contractions change with amount of urine present…show more content…
Regulate blood pressure and kidney function. Producing erythropoeitin. Metabolizing vitamin D to its active form. The kidney has evolved to maintain many homeostatic functions, including: 1. Ion balance: This includes [Na+], [K+], macronutrients, etc. 2. Osmotic balance: Controlling volume of urine produced. 3. Blood pressure: Controlling blood volume, over the long term regulates blood pressure. 4. pH balance: Controlling secretion & absorption of H+ & HNO3- 5. Excretion: The removal of toxic water insoluble compounds from the body 6. Hormones: Hormone production and regulation Kidneys must process tremendous amounts of blood, which may be up to 4 liters of blood per kilogram every minute in humans. The functional unit of the kidney is the nephron, comprised of the renal tubule and associated vasculature. Major kidney structures are described below. C. Name some ways in which the body excretes waste. Urinary-Kidney- Nitrogen compounds, toxins, water, electrolytes. Integumentary-Skin-sweat glands- Nitrogen compounds, Electrolytes, water. Respiratory-Lung-Carbon dioxide, Water. Digestive- Intestine- Digestive wastes, Bile pigments, Salts of heavy metals. D. What is a nephron and what does it do? Nephrons are the basic structural and functional unit of the kidney. The shape of the nephron is unusual, unmistakable and uniquely suited to its function of blood plasma processing and urine formation. Each

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