Apa Case Study Organic Food

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As mentioned earlier NI’s parents started to give NI organic food when she develops the allergy issues. During the interview, the reasons given for such choice are recommendation from the “natural healing coach” and their faith that eating organic food is healthier and will logically help NI combat allergy and eczema. NI’s mother added on that when she herself consumes organic food, she feels more energetic as compared to previous pregnancy. NI’s parents mentioned that previously they love eating fast food and as they decided to switch over to organic food, they do not face any significant difficulty in the new diet practice. Mother stays at home taking care of the children and feeding them home cooked meal, while father will sometimes bring…show more content…
The clear conclusions drawn from numerous studies targeting organic food are that organic food does not equal safe food, does not have clear nutritional advantage and does not have reduced level of naturally occurring toxins over conventional plants or livestock (80, 81). Fertilization enriches soils and provides nutrients in food, regardless of it being organic or chemical fertilizer. Risk of exposure to microbial contamination is not lower in organic food (82). Level of naturally occurring toxins such as aflatoxins in peanuts and grains, solanine in green parts of potatoes, goitrogens in some raw vegetables, and other poisons in mushrooms and herbs is not affected by the method of growing (81). Pesticides usages are monitored and will not pose harm to health when applied in regulated manner. However, the amount of pesticides residue is usually lower in organic food (82). One observational study and one systematic review found no protective value of organic food over eczema or atopy diseases (83, 84). Hence the claims being made over benefits of organic food can be concluded as misleading at best, and there is a pressing need for proper public education on this issue
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