Apa Code Of Ethics Of Ethical Issues

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Standard 1:
Standard one of the APA Code of Ethics of resolving ethical issues states the misuse of the psychologists work because of misinterpretation. In this case, the clinical health psychologist is involved in classes throughout the program for pre-diabetics. The psychologist is licensed and trained for health promotion, especially for nutritional behaviors. I am the prevention coach and the program coordinator for the classes. When describing the reason to the participants for having a subject matter expert (SME) participates to teach part of the lesson, I tell them nutritional behaviors. Some participants assume they are the dietician or nutritionist and ask general questions for the psychologist to answer appropriately. In class, a participant asked about what the calories be for a female. The psychologist answered with a general statement and I coincided with the reply. During the next class, which was five weeks later, the participant argued that she gained weight. I appropriately asked the participant what had happened to the diet. The participant replied with a statement of accusing the psychologist of giving a high amount of caloric intake than the participant needed. The participant went as far as talking to the patient advocate, which went to the supervisor of the psychologist. Knowing that I, as an Exercise Physiologist, agreed with the psychologist initial answer, the therapist did not have any apprehensions about the allegations. The patient advocate…
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