Apa Formal Research Paper

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Running head: APA Formal Research Paper Include a running header (a short title of your paper) only on the title page Type as: Running head: TITLE IN ALL CAPS All additional pages should just have the short title without the phrase Running head Center the title The long title of your paper should include the main idea and scope of your paper The title should be typed in 12 point Times font Do not bold, underline, or italicize the title How to Format a Formal Research Paper Using the APA Citation Style 1 Include a page number on every page Jane Student State University Center and double space your name and the name of your college, university, or institution Education 432 Professor Haberdasher March 15, 2010 Center and double…show more content…
They usually are no more than three or four sentences long” (p. 54). If you have a quotation that is longer than 40 words than you must use a block quotation. Block Quote example Robert Monge (2009) points out: The block quote is used for direct quotations that are longer than 40 words. The block format is a freestanding quote. This means you do not include quotation marks. Instead, you introduce the block quote on a new line using the author and year. Use a colon to set up the quote. Indent your entire quote ½ inch or 5-7 spaces. Include the page number at the end of your block quote outside of the ending period. (p. 55) . APA FORMAL RESEARCH PAPER Center the word References at the top of your page 5 References Gritz, S. (1991, January 20). Gulf War bombing broadcasted live on TV. The Chicago Tribune, pp. A3, A5. The References page is where you list the full citation for all of the brief In-Text citations you used in your paper Jackson, J. J., & Samuel, T. S. (2001). The impact of climate change on sea levels. Journal of Environmental Science, 55(4), 233-277. doi:10.1070/8567-6582.33.5.888 James, H. N. (1988). Victorian gender roles [Ebrary version]. doi:10.1044/00643983238 Osborne, M. H. (1994, April 5). Nirvana 's Cobain commits suicide. The Seattle Times. doi:10.1038/022-9010.76.1.143 Rabe, M. M. (2001). The art of manipulation: Stories of mind control. New
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