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Bryant & Stratton College
APA Style Guide
Based on the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ed.

Created by Melodie Fox, Dean of Instruction, Milwaukee
With contributions from Molly McKnight, Lloyd Daub, Jan Kamholtz, and librarians and faculty across the Bryant & Stratton College system.
Bryant & Stratton College APA Style Guide Rev. 4/28/10


Bryant & Stratton College
APA Style Guide
This guide should help you determine citation format for some of the sources most commonly used by students at Bryant & Stratton College. If you need more in-depth assistance, you can consult the APA‟s Publication Manual or other APA resources available on campus. You may also consult an English instructor or a
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*Note that the title has quotation marks and capital letters, even though it won‟t appear that way on the reference page.
The symbol ¶ or abbreviation “para.” Both are acceptable (¶ can be found on the Insert ribbon under Symbol/More Symbols). This guide uses both interchangeably in the examples, but in your paper, use one or the other consistently throughout the paper.
If a source was retrieved electronically, but has page numbers (such as a PDF document) use pages.
If the electronic article is long, use section headings so you don‟t have to count through the paragraphs. Author
No Author

(Smith, 2000, Findings section, para. 3).
(“Comparing Apples,” 1999, Implications section, ¶ 8).

Bryant & Stratton College APA Style Guide Rev. 4/28/10


Using Tags to Introduce Source Material
To incorporate the quotation smoothly into the sentence, writers can use what is called an identifying tag, attributive tag or signal phrase. The tag is just the phrase that introduces the quote. It can include the author‟s name and also can include a short mention of his or her credentials.
Examples of tags might include:
Johnson argues,
According to Jones, the chief resident at Chicago Mercy Hospital,
Fineman, who has written widely on the topic of artificial hearts, claims that
When you use a tag to introduce a direct quote or paraphrase, you‟ll need two sets of parentheses.
The year always “shadows” the author‟s name, and the
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