Apa Research and Bibliography Activity Essay

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APA Research and Bibliography Activity Part One: Assessing the RELIABILITY and Validity of Sources IN THE SPACE PROVIDED IN COLUMNS TWO AND THREE OF THE FOLLOWING MATRIX, PREPARE A 50-100-WORD EVALUATION OF BOTH THE RELIABILITY AND VALIDITY OF EACH OF THE SOURCES LISTED IN COLUMN ONE. |Source |Reliability |Validity | |Wikipedia |Wikipedia is not a reliable source. It is an online encyclopedia where that |It is not a validity source. The web site has no peer review and the information can | | |information can be added and…show more content…
Not everyone is permitted to post |error free and will be sufficient to every reader preference. The site does include | | |and remove information from the website. |peer reviewed and scholarly journal and article. | |Arizona Department of |Arizona Department of Health Services Web Site is a reliable website. The |Arizona Department of Health Services Web Site is a valid website. The information | |Health Services Web Site |information are updated and checked for accuracy by the company. It is not |provided in the website is accurate and up to date as quickly as possible. The web | | |scholarly article but a government base page to help people fill out the |site is not a bias source. It displays direct information needed for a viewer to | | |necessary paper work needed for the health. This website can be consider a |understand their different process and procedures. | | |primary source since it links the paper directly with the paper needed instead | | | |of going through personal.

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