Apa Short Stories

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“Apa, I could have killed Mariska today.”
Her father winces, but continues polishing his shoes. “You are killing people now, my daughter?”
“No, Apa. But I would like to kill her.” She stirs the polenta in the kettle, watching the bubbles begin to snap inside the pot. “She makes fun of me all of the time. Laughing at my hands. But, I scared that dirty Gypsy, today.”
“Don't listen to those girls,” her father tells her. “The hands of a good woman are never idle.” In his world, wholesome girls become hard-working women. He despises 'self-centered fashion-mongers’ and ‘decorative women'. Her father believes in modesty and simplicity.
Ava loathes tradition. She hates everything that reminds her of her childhood and her mother. It’s why she wears her shapeless pull-on pants and shabby sweaters. And why she ties her hair back in a faded, dark cotton scarf. It not only makes her look dowdy and androgynous, but older too. She prefers the image of Hungary’s new independent, factory woman. Women who hold their own. Like the women she sometimes sees in town. Strong, tough women! Women who her father detests that drink and smoke and gamble.
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Someday, when she is old enough to leave the village, she will find a place where she can spread her wings. Maybe even become a dreamy woman, like the one she saw at the cinema, the week before.
There on the screen, is a delicate woman. One that her father would describe as “despicable bourgeois and petty.” But this magnificent vision of a woman is not a fragile maiden. Clearly she is in charge. Her nails are painted with red nail varnish and they are long, like those of a cat. Her arms are two fragile tendrils, moving through the air like soft whispers. Everything about her is so different from the thick, muscular arms of the women in her village. She is
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