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APA Reference Style Guide Notes: Please "copy" the title of a book/an article/whatever (as far as the spelling of words such as "behavior"/"behavioral" are concerned (and this also goes for direct quotations) exactly as in the original. • • • When referring to any work that is NOT a journal, such as a book, article, or Web page, capitalize only the first letter of the first word of a title and subtitle, the first word after a colon or a dash in the title, and proper nouns. Do not capitalize the first letter of the second word in a hyphenated compound word. Capitalize all major words in journal titles. If within the same paragraph, reference is made to the same author(s) for a second and further time(s), the year of publication is omitted…show more content…
Johnson (1994a, p. 48) discussed the subject… In his later works (Johnson, 1994b, p. 56) he argued… Johnson, P.D. (1994a). Pedagogy. London: Routledge. Reference to more than one publication of the same author in the same year -2– Updated 9 July 2009, OpenJournals Publishing Different authors with the same surname A book with an institution, organisation or association as author Johnson, P.D. (1994b). Advanced Pedagogy. London: Routledge. According to B. Smith (1989) and F. Smith (1997), … You can also use the name of the body as part of the sentence. …it had long been evident that the intellectual potential of the Afrikaners on the Witwatersrand was under utilised (Rand Afrikaans University, 1976, p. 48)… …thus the Rand Afrikaans University (1963, p. 30) concluded that… Rand Afrikaans University (1970). The new university: A practical guideline. Johannesburg, Gauteng: Rand Afrikaans University. Driver, E., & Broisen, A. (Eds.). (1989). Child sexual abuse. Basingstoke, UK: Macmillan Education Ltd. Strunk, W. (Ed.). (1976). Adult learning. New York: Macmillan. Capra, F. (1983). The systems view of life. In The turning point: science, society and the rising culture (pp. 376-399). London: Fontana Press Hartley, J.T., Harker, J.O., & Walsh, D.A. (1980). Contemporary issues and new directions in adult development of learning and memory. In L.W.

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