Apache Religious Ceremonies

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Apache Religious Ceremonies The Apache Tribe is primarily associated with Spanish Southwest and the states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Apaches believe that a number of supernatural powers associated with natural phenomena’s exist. These powers are neutral with respect to good and evil, but they can be used for various individual purposes. Belief is supported by a mythology that explains the creation of the world and includes several idols. Most important are Life Giver, Changing Woman, a source of eternal youth and life; and her twins, Slayer of Monsters and Child of Water. Life Giver, Child of the Water, and White Painted Women are forms of religious…show more content…
In the book, Culture and Customs of the Apache Indians, Veronica Tiller expresses and talks about the Monster Slayer and Child of the Water beliefs. In the Jicarilla version, Wind offered to roll back the waters, leaving nothing for the living creatures to drink. Prayers were offered and soon, rivers, lakes, and streams appeared. The people discovered that monsters, which were later killed by Monster Slayer, inhabited the earth. With the help of the other sacred beings, all obstacles that made the earth an unsafe place were eliminated (Tiller, 26). The Apache believed that there were once supernatural beings that lived with people. They would bathe in a lake to cleanse the spirit. The quote show how the Apache believed that they were blood relatives with Mother Nature and they also believed they were the mountains, the trees, rocks and the wind. Today they still believe that spirits live with humans in certain mountains and realms in underground places in which they own. Thomas Mails, the author of The People Called Apache, describes the story of Child of the Water. Quickly, before the monster could do anything else against the rules, Child of Water shot an arrow at the monster. The arrow pierced the monster's heart and killed him dead. By then, everyone had gathered around. It was obvious that the Devil Dancers were among them. What a noise they made that night rejoicing! As time went
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