Apartheid: A Steroid In Cross Country

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I remember the first time I ran competitively. The adrenaline in my veins pumping; the air in my lungs escaping. This is a feeling people experience as a sport. Running is like a drug, but beneficial for you. From being constantly injured, to the distance ran, and being mentally devoted, Cross country is a difficult sport. Injuries are constant in Cross Country, which always seems to happen. Pain is one of the hardest parts, it never goes away. People are always losing air from their lungs, then cramps kick in which can kill a person inside. Sometimes it is badly impacting, in which runners start crying, but they have to run through the pain. Ordinarily shin splints are not any better, they are like lightning bolts striking a human’s…show more content…
Accordingly, not only is this sport physical, but it is mental. Mentality plays a big part in running, it is all about a mindset. If the consciousness is convinced a personal record is not going to happen. Then it is automatically going to drag an athlete’s time down. The runner’s mindset has to be positive; because honestly everybody has to be their own cheerleader when running. There might be a couple teammates, but it is all up to the mental strength in someone’s body to push through. One reason why people might think runners are insane is because we have a thirst for unrecognized or under appreciated accomplishments. It is really up to your mentality “ [because] only the brain can speed up the muscles. ” (Fitzgerald 1). As anonymous once said “everybody has their family or friends to cheer them on and reward them with compliments on their skills in a different sport, but runners do not have praise which everyone else,” Bottom line, constant injuries make it difficult for a runner. They have to recover and run to compete. Also, the never ending distance makes running ruthless. Furthermore, mentality is the biggest and hardest thing to have in this sport. Cross country is not just a sport; it is a
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